Recycled Leather Floor Tiles

Recycled Leather flooring

Calabria Cacao
Calabria Cacao leather Tile

Calabria Cannella
Calabria Cannella leather Tile

Calabria Granata
Calabria Granata leather Tile

Calabria Marrone
Calabria Marrone leather Tile

Calabria Vaniglia
Calabria Vaniglia leather Tile

Calabria Verde
Calabria Verde leather Tile

Lombardia Antico
Lombardia Antico leather Tile

Toscana Ruggine
Toscana Ruggine leather Tile

Umbria Ardesia
Umbria Ardesia leather Tile

Umbria Bianco
Umbria Bianco leather Tile

Umbria Grigio
Umbria Grigio leather Tile

Umbria Nero
Umbria Nero leather Tile

Umbria Seppia
Umbria Seppia leather Tile

Veneto Bistro
Veneto Bistro leather Tile

Veneto Borgogna
Veneto Borgogna leather Tile

Veneto Seppia
Veneto Seppia leather Tile

Leather Floors set a new landmark in room design with sustainable materials. The surface is made of 100% recycled genuine leather and the use of cork – a renewable resource – enhances the feeling of comfort, warmth and quietness.


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